We Are The ICA

In a time where the world is ever more attuned to issues of diversity, equity, inclusion and access, the ICA reiterates its commitment to supporting a clarinet community where everyone is welcome. We know that we are stronger as an organization and community when we welcome everyone, and when our events reflect the wonderful diversity of clarinet players world wide.

To that end, we are pleased to announce a video campaign from the ICA DEIA Committee  called “We Are The ICA”/#WeAreTheICA

And we need your help to get it going!  Through your submission of a short video, we hope to celebrate the membership, what makes YOU unique, as well as to let the world know the ICA is an organization where EVERYONE is welcome.

If you’d like to participate, you can record a short video and include information, such as the samples below:

  • Where you live
  • A story about a unique, memorable clarinet experience
  • A unique style of playing or a unique technique
  • A favorite excerpt
  • A clarinet experience that made an impact/A story about a person who inspired you
  • Unique dreams for the future
  • OR, anything that you feel is a part of who you are—a favorite sport, how your pet interrupts your practicing, the recording you admire most and why

You can upload your video to the ICA Dropbox here:


The ICA will be sharing videos from the #WeAreTheICA campaign throughout the year, and we hope you will consider sharing your story with us!

Check out the videos below for inspiration from some of our members!

Show your support for this movement by using the social media frames created by Emily Rose. Emily also created a tutorial video to walk you through how to upload the frames to your social media page using Canva!