2022 Clarinet Playing: Together Again Workshop

2022 Clarinet Playing: Together Again Workshop

Clarinet Playing: Together Again

After many months of music “in isolation”, many of us are now coming back into our ensembles and making music together in person. The ICA Clarinet Enthusiasts Committee presents a three-hour workshop devoted to improving your clarinet skills and your ensemble playing skills. We’ll have some group warm-ups, and a group ensemble (for you to play along via Zoom), and some breakout rooms for a more specialized focus. All of our breakout rooms will be recorded, so if you register and want to view more than one you will receive a link to the replay video after the event.

April 30, 2022

12:00-3:00 PM ET



12:00 Welcome and Group Clarinet Warm-Ups 

with Deborah Andrus

Warm-up PDF


12:15 Breakout Room Session #1 (Choose one to attend, and all sessions will be recorded)

  • Clarinet Sectional: Holst First Suite For Military Band with Lori Sutherland
  • How to Develop Pulse and Rhythm for Better Solo and Ensemble Playing with Michelle Anderson
  • How to Overcome Prior Clarinet Habits To Play More Easily with Barbara Heilmair
  • Learning System for Ensemble Parts with Alan Woy
  • Play-Along Practice of Clarinet Choir Pieces with Deborah Andrus
  • Rehearsal Etiquette with Denise Gainey and Carol Boysen
  • Sacred Music for Clarinet with Tom Masilla


12:45 Clarinet Masterclass 

with Denise Gainey (ICA President) and Diane Barger (ICA President-Elect)

Featuring 3 clarinetists of various levels of experience


1:30 Yoga for Clarinetists

with Meghan Taylor, Chair of the ICA Health and Wellness Committee 


1:50 Coffee and Clarinet Break Social Time 

Meet clarinetists from around the world!


2:10 Breakout Room #2 –  Ask Us Your Clarinet Questions About…

  • Ensemble Playing – with Carol Boysen, Al Woy, Tom Masilla)
  • Clarinet Technique – with Lori Sutherland, Debbie Andrus & Michelle Anderson 
  • All Things Clarinet Choir  – Mitchell Estrin, Barbara Heilmair and Matt Johnston


2:40 Play-Along Clarinet Choir – Download clarinet quartet music so you can play “live” over Zoom with Alan, Roxanne and Helen – Dr. Alan Woy, conductor

with Roxanne Woy and Helen Darrow of Eastman New Horizons Clarinet Choir 

Parts for Bb clarinet and all harmony parts can be found below.



3:00 Farewell and Thank You With Michelle Anderson