Research Competition

2024 Research Competition

Call for Papers and Presentations

The ICA solicits proposals for presentations (such as papers or lecture-recitals) on any topic related to the clarinet. The use of live or recorded performance is acceptable; however, presentations whose sole aim is performance should instead submit to the separate ClarinetFest® call for performances. Presentations will be no more than 25 minutes in length. Those giving presentations must be ICA members and must register for the conference.

To submit a proposal, prepare the following:

  1. Application fee: $35 US. via credit card using this link:
    The application fee is non-refundable. All applicants must be members of the ICA and submit the Competition Application. Non-members wishing to apply may join the ICA and become a member.
  2. Competition Application (via Google Form), which includes 
    1. Identifying information
      1. author’s name
      2. address
      3. phone number(s)
      4. email address
      5. brief biography (150 words) 
      6. presentation title
      7. all equipment needs for the proposed presentation
    2. An abstract (250-500 words) fully describing the content of the proposed paper or lecture-recital. 
      1. Include a complete list of sources. 
      2. The name or identification of the author must not appear on the proposal. 
    3. Up to three (3) additional supporting materials (such as images/recordings/scores/etc.) 

Submit the above materials by March 1, 2024.

Please submit via Google Form: The Abstract should be uploaded as a separate PDF file. Note that only PDF format will be accepted.

Eligibility: Applicants must be able to attend ClarinetFest® 2024 to present in the final competition. Presenters on the program in 2023 are ineligible for 2024. Each person is limited to one proposal. 


First place paper, US $1000 and guaranteed publication in The Clarinet journal (subject to editing)

Second place paper, US $500.


Disclaimer: The International Clarinet Association assumes no tax liability that competition winners may incur through receiving prize money. Individuals are responsible for investigating applicable tax laws and reporting prize winnings to requisite government agencies. In accordance with U.S. tax law, a 30% tax on the total amount of prize winnings will be withheld and submitted to the United States Internal Revenue Service if the winner is a non-U.S. resident. Prize money will be given in the form of a U.S. check or an electronic PayPal transfer. PayPal transfers must be requested prior to the final awards ceremony on the final evening of ClarinetFest®.

For questions about the ICA Research Competition, please contact Research Competition Coordinator Cassie Keogh ([email protected]).