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Donating to the ICA

The International Clarinet Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Please consider making a tax-deductible gift to support the ICA’s events, programs, and operations.

In celebration of the ICA’s 50th Anniversary year, we are introducing the Centennial Fund, a campaign built to ensure the next 50 years!

You can support this fund and the ICA’s mission through its various funds:

In 2024, the ICA will hold its 51st ClarinetFest® conference in Dublin, Ireland. It is the first time the association will hold a conference out of the US since 2018. There are many special events planned during this conference and donations to this fund will go directly to the organization of this conference.

Funds received in the general fund are used to support special projects to be determined by the ICA Board.

Funding received directly supports the prizes for the winners of ICA’s annual competitions.

Funding provides travel grants for students with financial need to attend ClarinetFest®.

Supports a scholarship program that awards a chamber music scholarship to a chamber ensemble group featuring the clarinet.

Provides a scholarship for students pursuing the study of the bass clarinet.

Donations may be submitted in honor of another individual.

Memberships may be purchased for a member in need. Contact [email protected] for more information.

2022-2023 Centennial Fund  Donors

*Donations reset each year on Giving Tuesday.

Champion: $20,000 and above

Partner: $10,000-19,999

Benefactor: $5,000-9,000

Alan Stanek


Advocate: $2,500-4,999

Buffet Crampon (Sustaining Sponsor)

F. Arthur Uebel Clarinets (Sustaining Sponsor)

Vandoren (Sustaining Sponsor)


Patron: $1,000-2,499

Anderson Musical Instrument Insurance Solutions, LLC

Glenn Deibert MD


Contributor: $500-999

Jessica Harrie and Dean Holden

Sunbelt Sun Rooms – James Laskowski

Michael Webster


Supporter: $250-499

Danny Bittker

Gary Flowers

Charles West


Donor: $100-249

Lori Ardovino

Linda A. Baker

Diane Barger

Melody and Cadence Cole

Jan Dash

Vanessa Davis

Bonnie Dieckmann

Jane Ellsworth

F. Gerard Errante

Denise Gainey

Laura Grantier

Seunghee Lee Kang

Michael Lerich

David Naden

Christopher Nichols

Eddy Vanoosthuyse

Catherine Wood


Friend: $5-99

Yelitza Borges

Stephen Borodkin

Carol Boysen

Katherine Carleton

Christine Carter

Eunice Chan

Bharat Chandra

Anthony Chiarito

Deborah Chodacki

Steve Cohen

Peter Cokkinias

Paula Corley

Suzanne Crookshank

Jan Dash

Bonnie Davis

Vanessa Davis

Kristen Denny-Chambers

Linda Dickson

Anne French

Kelly Gage

Joshua Gardner

George Georgiou

Mark Gilbert

Matt Haban

Richard Hancock

Diane Hargreaves

Maureen Hurd Hause

Karen Hopkinson

Abigail Huff

Lois Fiegl

Paola Frasson

Ken Fudurich

Kathleen Jones

Ellen Kaner

Marta Kania

Ralph Katz

Karl Kolbeck

Christina Kolotouros

Jerome Korten

Frederick Knapp

Jesse Krebs

Steven Law

Janice Lipson

Kimberly Cole Luevano

Casey Martens

Elizabeth Matera

Edward Macmurdo

Guy Mendt

Melissa McCoy

Thomas McDade

Shannon McDonald

John Mettler

Shiana Montanari

Ben Nederkoorn

Henry Nicholson

Cathy A. Ogram

Jonatas Zacarias de Oliveira

Cameron Page

Richard Page

Angelo Patricola

Timothy B Perry

Thomas Piercy

Aileen Razey

May Ryan

Wesley Rice

Rebecca Rischin

Glen A. Sargent

John C. Scott

Robin Seletsky

Sameer Shah

Pamela Shuler

Severine Sierens

Daryll Stevens

Robert Spring

Andrew Sprung

Elisabeth Stimpert

Carlos Jesus Casado Tarin

Marc Taylor

Shannon Thompson

Heather Van Beek

Alexander Vaquerizo

John P. Varineau

Blake Velde

Michael Walsh

Kenneth Weiner

Kennen White

John Willey

Jeremy Wohletz

Jack M Young

Donate a Clarinet

The ICA regularly receives instrument, accessory, and sheet music donations from its membership and musicians at large. We work with our network of repair technicians to restore the instruments to working order and get them into the hands of clarinetists in need. The ICA will provide you with a donation receipt for the value of the donated items plus shipping costs.

If you have an instrument, accessories, or sheet music that you would like to donate to the ICA, you can mail these items to the address below:

International Clarinet Association
C/O Jessica Harrie, Executive Director
829 Bethel Rd. #216
Columbus, Ohio 43214

If you are a clarinet student or the teacher of a clarinet student in need of a new instrument, mouthpiece, or other clarinet-related items such as reeds, ligatures, etc., please reach out to ICA Executive Director Jessica Harrie at [email protected] with information about the student in need.

Spotlight on ICA Instrument Donation Program Recipients

by Jessica Harrie

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ICA introduced an instrument donation program. To date, we have received a total of 35 instruments ranging from student models to professional-level instruments. These clarinets were in varied condition and the ICA has partnered with repair technicians across the United States to bring the instruments back to playable condition. These clarinets are being repaired by Lisa’s Clarinet Shop, Mike Lomax of Lomax Classic, Sean
Wahl from Buffet Crampon, and Glen Sargent from Second Wind Music.

In the June 2022 issue of The Clarinet we featured our first story about this program, and now we are pleased to introduce two new recipients.

Lynn Pettipaw generously donated a total of three professional Buffet Crampon clarinets, and one of these instruments, an R13 Bb clarinet, was given to Denison High School (Denison, Texas) junior Michael Golston.

Denison High School band director Melissa Lewis heard about our Instrument Donation Program and reached out to us on behalf
of Michael. Michael has been a section leader in the Denison Touch of Gold Band for two years and has plans to major in music education in college. He wrote about the significance of this donation in a letter to the ICA:

“Being able to obtain this donation would be life changing for me. Ever since I started playing clarinet, I have never owned a personal clarinet. In recent years, my family has not been able to gather the funds to purchase a quality clarinet able to get me through high school and college. Since the beginning, I have been borrowing clarinets through my school’s band program, and while I am extremely grateful, my high school years are rapidly approaching their end, and my passion for the clarinet continues to burn as bright as ever. Being able to have this clarinet will allow me to continue chasing my dreams as a musician and continue to meet inspiring models and inspire my peers along the way.”

The ICA has received many Bb clarinet donations, but we were thrilled to receive a Buffet Crampon R13 A clarinet donation from Lynn Pettipaw. This instrument was repaired by Mike Lomax of Lomax Classic. Lomax Classic also provided a HumidiPro double case for the instrument. This instrument was given to 27-year-old doctoral performance student Emily Rose, who is also the chair of the ICA’s Membership and Development Committee. Emily is in the second year of her DMA at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and explains just how much this donation means to her at this point in her career:

I was extremely fortunate this summer as I received a very beautiful Buffet Crampon A clarinet to use over the course of my doctoral studies. I will be forever grateful for the ease of mind this program has given me, in addition to the newfound opportunities; I can now perform literature I’ve never been able to explore for the A clarinet, as well as gain a sense of comfortability in orchestral playing at my university… Thank you to all who donate to this wonderful program—I think I speak for many when I say we are very grateful for your contributions!!”

We are immensely grateful for the support for this program and hope that we can continue to help provide instruments for students in need. If you would like to donate a clarinet, sheet music, or clarinet accessories as part of the ICA Instrument Donation Program, or if you know a student that would benefit from this program, please contact ICA Executive Director Jessica Harrie at [email protected].