RMS is a clarinet shop in Marietta, GA owned by clarinetists, Alcides and Heather Rodriguez. Our team of professional clarinetists hand-select instruments directly at Buffet to provide customers with the best to choose from. All RMS clarinets are professionally set up or fully upgraded by our repair technicians. RMS also offers the full RMS Artist Overhaul- Details can be found on our website. See a listing of our products and services below, as well as some video links on the ‘RMS Difference.’ We look forward to helping you find your next dream clarinet or getting your current clarinet in optimal condition!



RMS Hand-selected and Professionally set up Premium Model Clarinets (Traditions, Festivals, Prestiges, Tosca and Legendes) https://rodriguezmusical.com/premium-buffet-models/


RMS hand-selected and Professionally set up Buffet bass clarinets https://rodriguezmusical.com/buffet-bass-clarinets/


Hand-selected and Fully upgraded Buffet R13 Clarinets https://rodriguezmusical.com/buffet-r13-clarinet/ and E12F Clarinets https://rodriguezmusical.com/e12f-clarinet/


RMS Artist Overhaul- the Full, Artist-level Clarinet Overhaul by our RMS repair technicians https://rodriguezmusical.com/overhauls-and-repairs/


RMS Premium Gala Clarinet
RMS Hand-selected and Fully upgraded


Please contact us at [email protected] or call 470-545-9803 for more information about our Clarinet trials and RMS Artist Overhauls!