ICA Clarinet Enthusiasts Participatory Workshop

ICA Clarinet Enthusiasts Participatory Workshop

June 5th – 12 PM – 3 PM EST

Have your clarinets in hand for this participatory workshop that includes a group warmup, smaller interactive breakout rooms with special clarinet training sessions, an amateur adult clarinet masterclass, participatory clarinet body movement and a play-along clarinet ensemble. This fun and educational workshop will allow you to interact with our guest clinicians, ask your clarinet questions, and play along in the most engaged Zoom event that we could imagine.

12:00 PM – Welcome and Group Clarinet Warm-ups with Dr. Alan Woy
12:15 PM – Breakout Room #1 – Choose your session from the list of options
12:45 PM – Clarinet Masterclass with Michelle Anderson
1:45 PM – Clarinet Body Movement for Health and Injury Prevention – Kathy Mulcahy
1:50 PM –  Clarinet Coffee Break x 2 – Optional join completely social breakout rooms to mingle with clarinetists from all over the world
2:10 PM – Breakout Room #2 – Choose your session from the list of options
2:40 PM – Play-Along Clarinet Ensembles with Alan Woy – Hear clarinet music live, while you play your part at home to be part of our full group “clarinet choir”

    • “I Can’t Play That Run …Yet” – Lori Sutherland – PDF HANDOUT
    • I Used To Play Clarinet – Strategies for returning to the clarinet after a long absence – Carol Boysen – POWERPOINT
    • Clarinet Tuning and Intonation – Barbara Heilmair
    • Clarinet Tone – Barbara Heilmair
    • Steps to Faster and Easier Clarinet Articulation – Deborah Andrus – PDF HANDOUT
    • Bass Clarinet – Let’s Play Consistently – Alan Woy
    • Your Clarinet Questions Answered – Michelle Anderson

Register for this event here: https://forms.gle/FfNZV8E6CXTa8XnF6

You can download the music for the warm-up and play-along here: https://clarinet.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Duet-Mozart-Trio-Warm-Up.pdf

When: June 05 - June 05, 2021