New Music Weekend 2022: Potpourri Recital 1

Potpourri Recital – YouTube Premiere October 22, 2022 at 12:30 PM EST

Étude for bass-clarinetist*                                                                                                     

Tianyu Zou



Nina Fukuoka



Yuma Uesaka


Vasko Dukovski, clarinet and bass clarinet


Milieu Interieur for solo bass clarinet

Thanos Chrysakis


Jason Alder, bass clarinet


Boiling Point*

Nicholas Chesemore


Nicholas Chesemore, bass clarinets


*world premiere


Boiling Point tells the story of an argument taken to the extremes by people unwilling to yield or compromise. As rage and frustration between the two build they eventually reach the point of no return when all their rage and energy just boils over. Throughout the piece, each part will only play 4 distinct notes, representing each party’s incredibly stubborn and narrow minded personality. The disagreement starts off small as you hear the two instruments trading lines and lead as they try to convince the other of their radically different viewpoint. You will hear the first bass clarinet fixated on connected, high lyrical lines, while the second bass clarinet is often fixed on low, aggressive eight note lines. Even as each one tries to meet the other where they are, they never can quite see completely eye to eye, as they try to spin the others’ ideas into a version of their own. Eventually the parties decide to walk away from the argument, only to begin sniping at each other behind their backs as the two bass clarinets play in rhythmic unison using a dry slap tongue effect. Naturally, however, this sniping leads to a confrontation which turns into an all-out shouting match as the bass clarinets scream in their high registers. Eventually, using extreme altissimo and spectral multiphonics, the two instruments reach the breaking point where it all boils over. This is the utter end of the relationship between the two parties before they give their final jabs at each other.

When: 10/22/2022 | 12:30 pm

Featuring: Vasko Dukovski, Jason Alder, Nicholas Chesemore

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