New Music Weekend 2022: Composer/Performer Collaborative Masterclass – Eric Schultz and Johanny Navarro

Composer/Performer Collaborative Masterclass– YouTube Premiere October 22, 2022 at 5:00 PM EST

Clarinetist Eric Schultz Interviews Johanny Navarro about her new work for clarinet, Danzón


Danzón para clarinete y piano evokes a sentiment of nostalgia and melancholy. These sentiments provided the idea of the title and, subsequently, the form. As the name implies, danzón translates as dance. This particular and unique dance was created in Cuba around the 19th century. The danzón was the expression that resulted from the combination of Spanish and Afro-Cuban aesthetics. This rich and elegant amalgam of textures gave birth to a genre that has impacted El Caribe and the rest of the world. As the traditional intention of danzón, the dancers have to wander into closer embraces as the piece evolves. This magical moment is the main idea for all melodic themes that travel from one instrument to another in a constant but subtle manner. The architectural structure of the piece is based on the traditional form of danzón. Every melody imitates a dance movement, similar to when the dancers get closer and move together as one and when they separate from each other and move independently, creating provocative, sensual movements as they look at each other from afar. Danzón para clarinete y piano paints and depicts the relationship between music and dance, dancers and movement, and colors and rhythms.


-Johanny Navarro


When: 10/22/2022 | 5:00 pm

Featuring: Eric Schultz, Johanny Navarro

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