ICA New Music Weekend 2021: Composer/Performer Collaborative Masterclass with Till Meyn

Composer/Performer Collaborative Masterclass: 

Composer Till Meyn and E-flat clarinetists Victoria Luperi and Ivan Petruzziello


Mr. Meyn recently composed Canzoni di Fiori, a multi-movement work scored for two E-flat clarinets and string quartet. The work, written for this unique combination and probably the first one of its kind, will receive its world premiere in the Fall of 2021, coinciding with the International Clarinet Associations’ New Music Weekend. The composer and performers will discuss their collaboration and the creative process behind the recently commissioned work. 


Program notes

Canzoni di Fiori (Flower Songs), by composer Till Meyn, is a multi-movement piece scored for two E-flat clarinets and string quartet. The work was commissioned by two musician friends: Argentine-born Victoria Luperi, Associate Principal Clarinet and Principal E-flat Clarinet of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, and Italian-born Ivan Petruzziello, Assistant Principal Clarinet of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra and Principal Clarinet of the Corpus Christi Symphony Orchestra. Canzoni explores the theme “Flowers without Borders,” each movement representing a flower from a different state or country. It was composed in response to the International Clarinet Association’s call for the “wildflowers of the world to come together to form a more beautifully diverse and inclusive garden,” effecting positive change across borders, cultures, and societal divisions.* The work is in nine movements, seven of which are each devoted to a different flower, representing places around the world where Petruzziello, Luperi, or Meyn has lived. The prelude, interlude, and finale each employ a variation on musical themes derived from the names of the two clarinetists; the final movement, Texas, serves as the finale, representing the place where all three collaborators were making music just a few years ago, and coincidentally, the location of the intended 2021 world-premiere performance.


Canzoni di Fiori

I. Prelude 2’40”
II. Italy (Lilium) 1’20”
III. Germany (Centaurea) 2’15”
IV. Pennsylvania (Kalmia) 1’15”
V. Interlude: Scherzo 3’00”
VI. California (Eschscholzia) 3’10”
VII. Argentina (Erythrina) 1’35”
VIII. Colombia (Cattleya) 2’30”
IX. Finale: Texas (Lupinus) 3’10”

When: 10/17/2021 | 1:00 pm

Featuring: Victoria Luperi, E-flat clarinet; Ivan Petruzzaiello, E-flat clarinet; Till Meyn, composer

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