ClarinetFest® 2021 Virtual: Spotlight Recital 9

Keith Northover 

A Clarinetist’s Dreams and Nightmares
Fantastical Variations on “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” for Clarinets and One Performer (2012/2021)
Keith Northover (b.1986)

I. Reflective (B-flat Clarinet)
II. Mozeption (A Clarinet)
III. Rustic (C Clarinet)
IV. Die lustige Hexe (E-flat Clarinet)
V. The Siren’s Shriek (A-flat Clarinet)
VI. Le Sacre du Daphnis et Till (D Clarinet)
VII. Lonely (Alto Clarinet)
VIII. Free Mystic of Austria (Basset Horn)
IX. BassiCLy Magic (Bass Clarinet)
X. Serial Subcontroll (Contra-alto Clarinet)
XI. Midnight Mysterium (Contrabass Clarinet)
XII. Twinkle Bop! (B-flat Clarinet)

Keith Northover, clarinets

Spatial Forces Duo

Load of Bull, for two bass clarinets and field recording
Jessica Lindsey (b.1978)

Jessica Lindsey, bass clarinet
Christy Banks, bass clarinet

Lara Mitofsky Neuss 

Isaac Barzso (b.1997)

Lara Mitofsky Neuss, bass clarinet

When: 07/25/2021 | 3:30 pm

Featuring: Keith Northover, clarinets; Jessica Lindsey, bass clarinet; Christy Banks, bass clarinet; Lara Mitofsky Neuss, bass clarinet

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