ClarinetFest® 2021 Virtual: Spotlight Recital 10

Ian Tyson 

Grey for Clarinet and Prerecorded Electronics
Leanna Primiani (b.1978)

Ian Tyson, clarinet

Jeremy Wohletz 

Shadows Blue and Red Op. 85 (2020)
Christopher Gable (b.1968)

Jeremy Wohletz, clarinet
David Sorenson, piano

Stephan Vermeersch   

Metamorphosis (1987) for Bass Clarinet and Delay (electronics)
Doina Rotaru (b.1951)

Moves (2021) for Bass Clarinet with live electronics and live video
Stephan Vermeersch (b.1965)

Steps (2020)
Arthur Gottschalk (b.1952)

Stephan Vermeersch, bass clarinet
Richard Nunemaker, bass clarinet
Rocco Parisi, bass clarinet
Sauro Berti, bass clarinet

When: 07/25/2021 | 5:00 pm

Featuring: Ian Tyson, clarinet; Jeremy Wohletz, clarinet; David Sorenson, piano; Stephan Vermeersch, bass clarinet; Richard Nunemaker, bass clarinet; Rocco Parisi, bass clarinet; Sauro Berti, bass clarinet

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