ClarinetFest® 2021 Virtual: Laura Ardan

Laura Ardan                                                    

…written in solitude……….
Nickitas Demos (b.1962)

i. I ate ashes like bread
ii. in the constant presence of each other’s absence
iii. when the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul

*World Premiere*

Laura Ardan, clarinet
Richard Roberts, violin
Victor Constanzi, violin
Paul Murphy, viola
Steven Thomas, cello
Jordan Anderson, bass

Laura Ardan’s appearance is supported in part by Backun Musical Services

When: 07/30/2021 | 8:45 pm

Featuring: Laura Ardan, clarinet; Richard Roberts, violin; Victor Constanzi, violin; Paul Murphy, viola; Steven Thomas, cello; Jordan Anderson, bass

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