ClarinetFest® 2021 Virtual: Lantana Recital

Vincent Dominguez

Juegos Prohibidos (2020)
Hilda Paredes (b.1957)

Vincent Dominguez, clarinets (B-flat, A, Bass)
Lucas Buterbaugh, cello
Olga Kim, piano

Program Notes: “Juegos Prohibidos,” meaning Forbidden Games, was commissioned in July 2019 and completed in January 2020. The challenge of writing Juegos Prohibidos was to respond to the request of Vince Dominguez to write a work that would make a reference to the sociopolitical issues in Mexico and/or the Latino migrant communities in the U.S. This is something difficult to approach when there is no text to set, or people to stage, as done previously in several of my opera and music theatre works, such as “La tierra de la miel”, or “El Palacio Imaginado.” Both of these works also address political, social, and gender issues in Mexico and the borderlands.

In Juegos Prohibidos, I chose to make a reference to the children held in detention centers in the border, often detained without their parents, ultimately resulting in the destruction of their childhood. The way I approached this was by quoting fragments of two well-known Latin American children’s tunes. At the end of the scherzando section we hear a fragment of the Mexican song “Dale Dale Dale” sung to entice children to break the piñata, but here it is the song that gets broken and with it the playful interaction of the instruments.

What follows is a transition of glissandi and trills that lead to a melodic material built on quarter and eighth tones, in an attempt evoke a mourning lament. This section makes reference to the opening of the piece. Except that on this occasion it leads to the destruction of melodic material and even pitch, by including noise as a means to represent devastation. To end this section, we hear in the high range of the bass clarinet and later the cello, fragments of a South American lullaby “Duerme Negrito”, which brings the work to its end.” -Hilda Paredes

Juegos Prohibidos was commissioned as part of a doctoral recording project at Arizona State University by Vince Dominguez.
Recorded March 2020 at Tempest Recording
Music Video by Tonal Memories Creative © 2021

Phoenix Down RPG

Allison R. Ogden (b.1979)

Drab Permutations, Poshed
Cambron Little (b.1990)

Phoenix Down RPG:
Teil Buck, oboe, English horn
Dylan Lloyd, clarinets (B-flat and A)
Jackie Royce, bassoon

When: 07/30/2021 | 3:30 pm

Featuring: Vincent Dominguez, clarinets (B-flat, A, Bass); Lucas Buterbaugh, cello; Olga Kim, piano; Teil Buck, oboe, English horn; Dylan Lloyd, clarinets (B-flat and A); Jackie Royce, bassoon

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