ClarinetFest® 2021 Virtual: “Embochure Drills for Clarinet”: A multi-media Presentation

“Embouchure Drills for Clarinet”: A multi-media presentation

with Dr. Kornel Wolak,

Embouchure Drills | Clarinet is aimed to provide clarinetists with new visualized information and methods to increase awareness, flexibility and strength of their embouchure. It does so by explaining functions of the embouchure, by including new and existing embouchure-specific exercises and by introducing new teaching tools that help with explaining its complex forces.

This presentation will encourage a more personal search in the development of one’s own embouchure regardless of skill level. I believe that progress happens through search for innovation as well as through constant comparing one’s performance to the existing standards of excellence – quality control. It is my hope that this presentation will strengthen curiosity in how to establish and accomplish new personal heights for embouchure performance.

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When: 07/25/2021 | 11:30 am

Featuring: Kornel Wolak

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