ClarinetFest® 2021 Virtual: Creative Clarinet Careers: Thinking Outside the Orchestra (and Teaching)

“Creative Clarinet Careers: Thinking Outside the Orchestra (and Teaching)”

with Dr. Larkin Sanders


This presentation will provide listeners/participants with new tools to think creatively about the clarinet field and how to build a career within it. About 90,000 baccalaureate music degrees are awarded each year, and another 90,000 Americans already consider themselves to be professional musicians, so it is impossible for all of us to have a single stream of income from a full-time, clarinet-centric job.Some clarinetists graduate from school with our performance degrees and land jobs in orchestras, the military, teaching public school, or in higher education. But what about the rest? The presentation consists of facts and figures about the current job climate, brainstorming and critical thinking exercises, and tools of the trade. We will discuss the constantly changing job climate, how clarinetists can take advantage of resources in their schools and communities, and how to make the most of their many talents in building the careers around the instrument we all love.

When: 07/31/2021 | 10:00 am

Featuring: Larkin Sanders

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