Clareidoscope 2022 – Recorded Presentations

Tuning Tips and Tricks
David Cook

One of the most challenging skills to develop on the clarinet is playing with consistent, accurate intonation. In this presentation, I will discuss the challenges of playing “in tune” on the clarinet, where to push in or pull out on the instrument to affect certain notes, and how we can address intonation on a daily basis to become more accurate in our intonation.

Whether as a soloist or in an ensemble, excellent intonation can enhance a performance and poor intonation can hamper it. By knowing our own tendencies and the tendencies of our clarinets, we can compensate for those tendencies and create a more fulfilling musical product!

David Cook is Principal Clarinet of the Millikin-Decatur Symphony Orchestra and clarinetist for the Appian Duo and the Greyline Duo. Past performances include ClarinetFest®, the College
Music Society National Conference, the NACWPI Conference, the American Single Reed Summit, and the Texas A&M University-Commerce Clarinet Colloquium. David is Assistant Professor of Clarinet and chair of instrumental performance studies at Millikin University in addition to teaching at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. David’s teachers include Suzanne Tirk, Chad Burrow, Theodore Oien, and Kennen White. David is a Buffet Crampon USA Performing Artist and a member of the Silverstein Works PRO Team. davidcookclarinet.com


Performance Anxiety: Why is it Happening and How Do I Make it Stop?
Malena McLaren

This presentation will cover factors that contribute to performance anxiety, what is happening in the brain when we get anxious, why that causes the physical symptoms of performance anxiety, and strategies to alleviate those symptoms. I will also provide a list of practical methods that can be done leading up to the performance, as well as during the performance.

Malena McLaren is the Professor of Clarinet at Northwestern State University of Louisiana. Her teachers include Keith Lemmons and Dr. James Gillespie. Malena has performed chamber and solo repertoire throughout the US, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, England, Spain, and Belgium. She is a core member of the Rapides Symphony Orchestra. Malena’s scholarly works include two articles in The Clarinet. She has performed in solo recitals at the 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015, and 2018 International ClarinetFest® conferences. In 2011 she received the Magale Endowed Professorship to perform and conduct archival research in Madrid, Spain.


Air is Everything
Cassie Keogh

How we use our air is the most important part of getting a great clarinet sound. Without good air, truly great articulation, finger technique, and musicianship are simply not possible. This clinic presentation explores many different ways of discovering and performing consistently with great air support. All ages and expertise are welcome, especially junior high and high school students and their teachers!

Cassie Keogh is Associate Professor of Clarinet at North Dakota State University. Past performances and presentations include ClarinetFest, the Sonorities Festival of Contemporary
Music in Belfast Northern Ireland, the Society for ElectroAcoustic Music of the United States (SEAMUS), College Music Society National and Regional Conferences, and the National
Association of Collegiate Wind and Percussion Instructors. Cassie currently serves as North Dakota State Chair of the International Clarinet Association (ICA). Her teachers include Suzanne
Tirk, Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr, and Maxine Ramey. Cassie is a Selmer Paris Artist.

When: 03/19/2022 | 3:00 pm

Featuring: David Cook, Malena McLaren, Cassie Keogh

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