ICA New Music Weekend 2021: Composer/Performer Collaborative Masterclass: The Story of Our Journey

Composer/Performer Collaborative Masterclass: The Story of Our Journey

Clarinetist Csaba Jevtic-Somlai and Composer Dylan Findley


Clarinetist Csaba Jevtic-Somlai and composer Dylan Findley closely collaborated on the 53-minute multimedia video composition, The Story of Our Journey. In partnership with refugee organization Their Story is Our Story (TSOS), the melodies are transcriptions from the voices of displaced interviewees from Nigeria, Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Honduras. The work for solo clarinet and electronics relies heavily on extended techniques as a form of expression. These techniques include but are not limited to growling, multiphonics, timbre trills, glissandos, singing while playing, hissing, and so forth.

The 10-month collaboration of various parties during the unexpected pandemic included the Phoenix Department of Arts and Culture, TSOS organization, video team, PR team, attorneys, composer, and performer. For this collaborative masterclass, Csaba and Dylan share their experiences from the conception of the project to its online October 2020 premiere.

When: 10/16/2021 | 4:30 pm

Featuring: Csaba Jevtic-Somlai; Dylan Findley, composer

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