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  1. Dear Ms Gingras,

    I was delighted to be directed to your article in “The Clarinet” by an American clarinetist, Jason Alder, who was playing contra bass at the world premiere of a piece for – wait for it – carnyx and contra bass clarinet duo, with bass clarinet quartet, sound track, and film. The players had never seen a real carnyx – and where delighted when I told them there was a clarinet solo piece named after the instrument.

    Jason went on-line, and immediately reached your article, and then sent it to me (I picked it up on a train heading from Manchester back to Scotland).

    Well – I’m the guy who plays the carnyx, as featured in those two DVDs you posted.

    Your article on Nichifor’s piece is hugely enjoyable, informative, and stimulating. I’ve never met Nichifor, and he and I have never been in contact – but I like his piece very much, and I’ve coached several clarinetists on it at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, where I’m prof for the interpretation of contemporary music.

    The first clarinetist who brought it to me had no idea that I actually play the carnyx!

    Best wishes,
    John Kenny

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