1. How would I get from the airport in Brussels to Ostend once I arrived? Any suggestions?

  2. Wrong e-mail address posted minutes ago. Same comment. Proper e-mail as entered with this comment.

  3. Whoops, wrong e-mail address agaoin. I hate typing with one finger.NOW it’s correct..doudle checked BEFOR posting.

      1. There is a direct train from the tree stations in Brussels to Ostend. It takes 1hour 15 minutes. The Ostend station is in the centre. You can walk to the thermae Hotel along the seaside. 20 minutes. Or you can take tram. Direction De Panne. You get of at Marie Josée stop.

  4. Would that be possible to obtain my Artist registration receipt? Unfortunately, the website is closed and I can’t print it out anymore. Tried to contact info@clarinetfest2018.com , no reply.

    Thank you! I’d greatly appreciate your assistance!

    1. Author

      Hi Dmitry,

      Please contact the Belgium team to get a receipt. You can email Bert Six at bert.six@sixbrothersmedia.be and he should be able to get you a receipt. Best wishes!

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