14th International Contest for Clarinet “Town of Carlino” / “Concorso Internazionale per Clarinetto “Città di Carlino”

Submitted by John Cipolla


carlino competition

Carlino is an Italian commune in the Province of Udine in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, about 50 kilometres northwest of Trieste and about 30 kilometres south of Udine. This tight-knit community organizes an international clarinet competition each year that attracts young professionals from throughout the world. The competition is a vibrant example of the highest artistic standards upheld by the organizers and jury through the demanding rounds of each level. The standards of evaluation are rigorous. Prizes are awarded according to performance ability and artistic maturity. This competition has a strong tradition of producing young artists who go on to develop illustrious musical careers, many of whom win auditions in major orchestras.

The long history of success of past competitors stems from the careful planning of the competition. The varied categories have grown by infusing Europe’s rich musical culture with uncompromising standards of international clarinet performance. This structure is coupled a jury of the highest artistic and ethical standards. The jury consists of internationally renowned clarinetists carefully selected based on their reputations as artists as well as their ability to mentor the competitors through valuable commentary provided at the end of the competition.

At the core of the competition are the levels that divide by age the approximately 100 clarinetists who apply each year. Each category has compulsory and optional pieces to help contestants develop an understanding of important repertoire for the clarinet. This year in a nod to the strong tradition of wind bands in this region of Italy (and in many countries throughout the world), there is a special wind band category. This is quite unique and is an example of the care and skill taken by the organizers in forming categories that attract large numbers of competitors — as well as retain a core of regional musical traditions. Another very special part of this contest is the unique “Bass Clarinet” category, which few international competitions include. This category addresses the need to expand the skills of clarinetists into additional areas (beyond playing the soprano clarinet) to develop musical skills and help prepare for a wider range of performance and employment opportunities.

The Carlino competition has grown from visions of its organizers, as well as the generosity of the city of Carlino and the competition’s sponsors–all bringing their welcoming spirit and warmth to every aspect. It is a very treasured annual event for Carlino. The restaurants, bars (coffee, drinks, light food) and the local winery all enthusiastically support this international event in their community, which while close to Venice, remains tucked away in a relatively quiet part of old-world yet modern Italy. The competition includes a formal opening ceremony with the organizers, jury members and numerous city officials.

At the conclusion is a formal awards ceremony, followed by a big party to send off competitors to a successful future. Delicious food, freshly cooked by Carlino residents and local, internationally-renowned wine personally served by the vineyard proprietor are highlights of this celebration. The International Competition for Clarinet of the city of Carlino is undoubtedly an international competition with the highest artistic standards. Furthermore, it presents the competitors with a unique benefit–the spirit of camaraderie, shared experience and friendship that lies at the heart of the organizers, sponsors and people of Carlino.


The contest is open to musicians of all nationalities. 6 categories: Baby, Junior A, Junior B, Senior; Bass clarinet, and Clarinet and Wind Band. Jury: Calogero Palermo, Joze Kotar, Rocco Parisi, Milan Polak, Fabrizio Meloni

Total money prize Euro 6350 + Senior category 1st prize: Clarinet Sib RC offered by Buffet & Crampon Paris.

Facebook: @concorsoclarinettocarlino

For more information:

Telephone +39 -(0)431 68587 on Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm to 10pm from

24th August 2016. Mobile (+39) 347 3383116 – 335 1838987 – 328 7429295

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