Texas Artist Stage

Texas Artist Stage 

The Texas Stage – The following performers were invited by the Artistic Leadership Team to showcase the State of Texas specifically for the Fort Worth conference.


July 9-11

Texas Artists Recital 1: 

Doug Storey
Tim Bonenfant 
Artist Support: Department of Visual and Performing Arts, Angelo State University College of Arts and Humanities, Angelo State University

Texas Artists Recital 2: 

Patricia P. Card
Jonathan Guist
Sean Krissman

July 16-18

Texas Artists Recital 3: 

Vanguel Tangarov
Artist Support: Buffet Crampon & Vandoren
Kim Cole Luevano

Texas Artists Recital 4:

Stanislav Chernyshev
Andrea Vos-Rochefort
MAKE: Danny Goldman, clarinet; Grace Wollett, violin; Mikhail Berestnev, piano
Artist Support: F. Arthur Uebel Klarinetten

July 23-25

Texas Artists Recital 5: 

David Shea
Christopher Ayer

Texas Artists Recital 6: 

Corey Mackey
Jennifer Daffinee

July 30-31

Texas Artists Recital 7: 

Jody Webb
Trio Con Brio: Misha Galaganov, viola; Gary Whitman, clarinet; John Owings, piano
Cheyenne Cruz