Since its founding in 1973, the International Clarinet Association has been striving to live up to its name and become as inclusive as possible. The love of our instrument unites us all – professional or amateur; teachers, performers, students at all levels of development from all parts of the world. Our annual dues supports the Association’s various activities including the journal, The Clarinet, our various competitions, attendance at ClarinetFest, and access to our Research Center. While most of our membership can easily afford our annual dues, there are prospective members of the ICA who, due to a variety of circumstances, are unable to pay the dues required for membership. Often these prospective members live in countries where paying dues for professional membership must take second place to providing the necessities of life. In order to include those who need assistance in paying dues, the Adopt-a-Member program was formed. This is quite simply a program where the more fortunate of us will offer to pay the dues of a prospective member who is unable to do so. The details of this program are outlined below.

I am privileged to be serving as a facilitator; that is bringing adopter and adoptee together. Most often these relationships have been equally beneficial to both parties. The communication with someone from a country about which we know little can be a wonderful learning experience. While it is not necessary for both parties to communicate with one another, certainly most will wish to do so. Relationships have varied from the casual, to those where fulfilling lifelong friendships have developed. I encourage you to contact me at the E-mail address below if you would like to participate in this program either as one seeking assistance, or one who would like to assist.

Thank you.
F. Gerard Errante

Current Adopt-a-Member Sponsors

Gino Ascoli
Ani Berberian
Eric J. Bernhard
Tony Brackett
Sheila Cullen
Paul S. Christensen
Kathleen Jones
Nancy Knight
Alan Stanek
Michael Webster
Bradley Wong

What is the Adopt-A-Member Program?

In general, the Adopt-A-Member program is in place to connect ICA members with potential members who are in need of financial sponsorship. Traditionally the sponsor has assisted a member residing outside of the United States, often in countries where it is difficult to convert local to US currency. Although the need seems to be greatest outside of the USA, the program does not need to be limited to such. The ICA’s role in this
project is to simply match donors with potential members who have expressed a need. The degree to which a sponsor participates is solely up to the sponsor and all communication between sponsor and adopted member is at their discretion.

What are my responsibilities as a sponsor?

A sponsor is expected to commit to adopting a member for a minimum of one year. The sponsor will make payment directly to the ICA.

The amount for membership is as follows:

One-year student membership $40.00
Two-year student membership $75.00
One-year general membership $70.00
Two-year general membership $135.00

All membership renewal notices will be sent to the sponsor, and the sponsor can choose to renew if he/she wishes. If the sponsor does not renew, the membership will expire automatically.

The I.C.A. has had requests for sponsors that will provide financial assistance to members who would like to attend conferences. While there is no program in place for such an option, the sponsor may choose to consider such requests and make a decision accordingly. Such an arrangement would be made between the sponsor and adopted member with no involvement on the part of the ICA.

What makes someone eligible to be adopted by a sponsor?

Typically the ICA receives requests from individuals who are living in countries or regions whose economic challenges make membership in our organization very difficult. The ICA does not feel the need to query the bank records of a potential adopted member. We have found that past requests have always been legitimate. A request via email, or letter is usually sufficient providing it offers adequate explanation of the requester’s situation.