Flowers without Borders Stage

Flowers without Borders Stage

A unique component of ClarinetFest® 2021 is the Flowers without Borders Stage, designed to feature performances that subscribe to the event theme. The membership was asked to explore opportunities to affect positive change across borders, cultures and societal divisions as the basis for proposals. This virtual stage will feature a wide variety of recitals, each named after a native wildflower. 


July 9-11

Tiger Lily Recital: 

Dmitri Perevertailenko
Artist Support Tarleton State University
Shuang Zhu
Artist Support: Hainan University, China

Bluebonnet Recital: 

Anthony Aguayo
Kyle Kostenko

Bellheather Recital:

Paul Kopetz 
Sheng-Hsin Lin & Menagerie Multicultural Ensemble
Artist Support: Chen-Yuan (Morn Garden) Qin Zheng Society

Frangipani Recital: 

Lori Shepherd
Fourth Street Trio: Joanna Birchfield and Jennifer Bouck (clarinets) and Noah Turner, piano


July 16-18

Sunflower Recital: 

Sarah Jaegers
Denise Boudot

Hibiscus Recital: 

Lisa Kachouee 
Hila Zamir 

Artist Support: the MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music at the College of Musical Arts of Bowling Green State University

Frésia Recital: 

Ricardo Dourado Freire
Artist Support: Sustenutto 
Madelyn Moore, New Mexico State University Clarinet Choir
Diálogos Duo: Louis Arques, clarinet and Richard Boukas, guitar

Cape Daisy Recital:

John Tegmeyer
Kalliope Reed Quintet: Anna Bradford, oboe; Celine Ferro, clarinet; Wolcott Humphrey, bass clarinet; Natalie Zemba, bassoon; Bennett Parsons, saxophone
Kelsey Paquin


July 23-25

Rosa Amarilla Recital: 
Zafire Duo: Maryanne Lacaille, clarinets and Jason Kuo, piano
Oskar Espina-Ruiz
Kathya Galleguillos Díaz

Water Hyacinth Recital: 

Dawn Marie Lindblade-Evans
DuoSphere: Javier Elizondo, clarinet and Angela Lamar, Soprano
Ellen Breakfield-Glick

Springbeauty Recital: 

Sauro Berti
Artist Support: Buffet Crampon, D’Addario & Silverstein
AEKI Ensemble: Sara Aratake, clarinet, Antoine Flores Gracia, saxophone, Hsin-Di Shih, cello

Desert Flame Recital:

Clarinet Meets Guitar Duo: Jeffrey Brooks, clarinet and Silviu Ciulei, guitar
Clara Byom


July 30-31

Lantana Recital: 

Vincent Dominguez
Phoenix Down RPG: Teil Buck, oboe, English horn; Dr. Dylan Lloyd, clarinets (B-flat and A); Jackie Royce, bassoon

Firewheel Recital:

Mary Alice Druhan
Sarah Watts
Lara Diaz
Artist Support: Royal Global and Silverstein Works

Black Baccara Rose Recital: 

Hijinx Quartet: Stephen Borodkin, B-flat clarinet; Jennifer Reeves, B-flat clarinet; Shiana Montanari, Bass clarinet; Lucas Willsie, Bass clarinet
Liz Aleksander 
Artist Support: the University of Tennessee at Martin