Clarinet Learning Community at ClarinetFest® 2021

Clarinet Learning Community at ClarinetFest® 2021

The Clarinet Learning Community at ClarinetFest® is a new organizational structure to classify all pedagogy clinics, lectures, seminars, workshops and masterclasses into a balanced and easy-to-navigate schedule to satisfy the diverse population and interests of the ICA membership. The Artistic Leadership Team is dedicated to creating a comprehensive event for clarinetists of all ages with a new focus on school-aged participants and we invite the membership to submit proposals for classes and group instruction in areas ranging from basic fundamental skills to extra topics.

All pedagogical proposals for ClarinetFest® 2021 will be organized into the schedule to satisfy different specific interest group populations based on the following categories:

  • Entry musicians – first introductions and lessons to clarinet
  • Level 1 – approximately 1 year experience
  • Level 2 – approximately 2-3 years experience
  • Level 3 – approximately 4-5 years experience
  • Level 4 – approximately college ready
  • Level 5 – college intensive
  • Level 6 – adult enthusiast
  • Level 7 – pedagogy exchange for professional teachers

Conference attendees are welcome to attend any session for pedagogical observation and information exchange purposes, but we encourage proposals to target 1-2 categories so organizers can identify level-specific tracks for attendees to navigate.

Proposal submissions will also indicate the format/presentation of the class, including active participation (clarinet playing), or active participation (other, such as physical movement), or observation (listening/note-taking only). This information is critical for organizers to assign proper spaces, but also for attendees in preparation for the event.

NOTE: The Clarinet Learning Community at ClarinetFest® is not intended for use as a recruiting platform or product showcase. Presenters are expected to refrain from communication and/or any audio, digital or physical products for the purpose of recruiting or product placement.

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