Clarinetist Carmine Campione Has Passed Away at the Age of 80


Clarinetist Carmine Campione passed away on January 2, 2018,  at the age of 80. Campione performed in the Cincinnati Symphony for over 37 years and taught for 47 years at the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. Campione was well-known for his pedagogical knowledge, particularly in the area of the clarinet embouchure. His book, Campione on clarinet: A complete guide to clarinet playing and instruction, is widely used as a reference by clarinet players and teachers all over the world.

Carmine is survived by his wife Karen (nee Ryan) Campione, his children Ann-Marie (Richard) Adams, Carmine Christopher Campione, Angela (Rick) Schreiber, James (Vee Subla) Webb and Stephanie Kirkpatrick, his 8 grandchildren and 2 great grandsons. A tribute to Carmine Campione will appear in an upcoming issue of The Clarinet.

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  1. I roomed with Carmine when I was a student at the Curtis Institute of Music. An incredible bloke and a wonderful musician, with a particular love for the bass clarinet. I always thought it ironic that he wound up playing Eb/D clarinet! I will never forget the trips to Carmine’s home and the wonderful food from his kind mum, who thought that all young musicians were doomed to starvation. Farewell, kind friend!

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