Meet the clarinet section from the Curb Youth Symphony in Nashville, Tennessee! (From left to right) Stacey Xiang, Titus Cody, Isabella Killius, McKensey Malin, and Brianna Owens Stacey Xiang is from Brentwood, TN and plays on a Yamaha CSG Custom with a Clark Fobes mouthpiece, Rovner Ligature, and V21 reeds. Her favorite Repertoire is the Poulenc Sonata. Titus Cody is from Nolensville, TN and plays on a Vito Reso-Tone Bass Clarinet with an Ebolin Mouthpiece. His favorite repertoire is Weber Concerto No. 1. Isabella Killius is from Nashville, TN and plays on a R13 Buffet with a Woodwind Co. Mouthpiece and a Rovner Ligature. Her favoriteRead More →