ClarinetFest® 2021 Virtual: Potpourri Recital 12

Lucas Gianini
Brace Yourselves! An Impact for Clarinet and Piano (2014)
Nathan Hudson (b.1992)
Lucas Gianini, clarinet
Suzanne Polak, piano
John Cipolla & Sauro Berti
Titanium for Soprano Saxophone and Bass Clarinet (2015)
Michel Lysight (b.1958)
Dedicated to Simon Diricq and Charles Michiels
AntonioScott (2021) for clarinet and bass clarinet
Sauro Berti (b.1966)
*World Premiere*
TonySciacca (2021) for clarinet and bass clarinet
John Cipolla (b.1962)
*World Premiere*
John Cipolla, clarinet and saxophone
Sauro Berti, bass clarinet
Sauro Berti’s appearance is supported in part by Buffet Crampon USA, D’Addario, and Silverstein Works
John Cipolla’s appearance is supported in part by Selmer Paris, ZAC Ligatures, and Gonzalez Reeds

When: 07/18/2021 | 6:00 pm

Featuring: Lucas Gianini, clarinet; Suzanne Polak, piano; John Cipolla, clarinet and saxophone; Sauro Berti, bass clarinet

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