The Clarinet Anthology

The ICA Clarinet Anthology is an effort underway to share some significant articles about the clarinet from various journals of the past. The idea was generated by Past President F. Gerard Errante in 1994, and the articles are drawn from a list which he suggested. The task of putting them together was given to Keith Koons, who served as chair of the ICA Research Presentation Committee at the time. Koons gathered the articles, obtained permission to duplicate them, and edited them into computer format. More articles will be added to this Anthology over time.

The ICA is also involved with a number of research projects and invites presentations of all kinds at the annual ClarinetFest®. We have included a list of some of the presentations given at the ClarinetFests® and material where available. We also have the entire Master Index of The Clarinet online. Back issues are available.

Vibrato in Wind Playing – Simeon Bellison, The Clarinet, Fall 1950
The Art of Slurring – Daniel Bonade, The Clarinet, Summer 1951
Playing in Tune – Daniel Bonade, The Clarinet, Winter 1954
Handel and the Clarinet – R. B. Chatwin, Galpin Society Journal, March 1950
The Earliest Collections of Clarinet Music – Thurston Dart, Galpin Society Journal, June 1951
Some Light on the Chalumeau – Edgar Hunt, Galpin Society Journal, March 1961
Handel’s Clarinet – Jan La Rue, Music Review, August 1960
A Fateful or Faithful Attack? – Mitchell Lurie, Woodwind World, September 1959
Brahms’ Prima Donna – Bernard Portnoy, Woodwind Magazine, March 1949
The Embouchure and Tone Color – Bernard Portnoy, The Clarinet, Summer 1956
Weber’s Clarinet Compositions – Eric Simon, The Clarinet, Fall 1950
Richard Mühlfeld – George Toenes, The Clarinet, Summer 1956
Early Virtuosi of the Clarinet and their Contributions – Richard K. Weerts, NACWPI Bulletin 13 #1, Fall 1964