New Capital Campaign Page

Dear Clarinetists:

Thank you to all who have supported the ICA Capital Campaign so far! Our campaign has moved to a new “home base” on due to YouCaring being absorbed by GoFundMe. Please share this page with all of your family and friends who may be interested in supporting our cause. The ICA board was pleased to launch the first ever ICA Capital Campaign at ClarinetFest® 2017 to endow and secure the future and continued success of our organization. Please help us continue this grassroots effort to raise money and secure our financial future so that we can be self-funded and continue to offer innovative ClarinetFest® conferences and first-rate opportunities for our members worldwide.

It is the hope of the ICA board that the Capital Campaign will not only help to secure the financial future and continued success of our international organization, but will also help those in need in the clarinet world. We especially seek to assist younger students who cannot afford membership, up-to-date equipment, young artist competitions fees or travel grants. Check out our Donor Wall and stay up to date with capital campaign news on our Blog Page.Thank you to those who have already contributed. We know that if we do what is right, good things happen! Please be part of the movement!

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