1. This is an excellent interview of Dr. John Mohler by Fred Ormand. Thank you for making space in the print form for this and for the extended version Online. These were two musicians who greatly impacted our profession. To my thinking, their friendship and influence is what The Clarinet and ICA is all about. Kudos to Rachel Yoder and the whole team!

  2. My dad played Assistant Principal horn in the Micigam Symphony Band in 1954-55, John’s Freshman year. He later introduced me to John, and when I attended University of Michigan in the fall of 1978, I studied with him.

    John was a patient, kind, and thorough teacher. It wasn’t until I began teaching at Illinos Wesyleyan University, that I truly recognized how much his teaching had impacted on me. Pedagogy was his strength, and that really influenced my teaching and playing.

    I returned to UM for graduate work in the late 80’s and studied with John again. We had John and Dorthy over for dinner, and he involved me in the Plymouth Symphony where he played principal clarinet. His teaching was in its prime, and those were really great years to learn the repertoire he wanted me to perform.

    By the time my son attended UM (in the SoM-cello performance around 2011), I was able to visit John and Dorothy frequently, before and after her death, and attend concerts with him. It was wonderful getting to know him all over again ….an absolutely delightful human being. I treasure those years, and I an so sorry to hear of his passing.

    It is ironic to me that the two people who had so much influence over my musical development, John Mohlet and my father, Glen Garrett, passed away less than 10 days from each other. I’ll miss my time with both of them very much.

    Thanks for such a nice article!

  3. Rachel, thank you so much for releasing this interview. I had the distinct pleasure of studying with Dr. Mohler for the DMA at UM in the 70’s. We have kept in touch through the years and I served as his ICS vice president. John visited, stayed in our home, and performed a recital during my tenure at Idaho State University in the late 70’s and his many letters and email correspondence continued until just recently. Reading Ormand’s interview reminded me of many of the same musical and repertoire ideas he imparted. I will be forever indebted and miss him greatly.

  4. A wonderful interview with John Mohler. Thank you Fred Ormand. I last saw John when I performed a recital at the University of Michigan several years ago. He came to the recital, much to my surprise. We talked for some time after, in fact, we talked so much that the reception line of students gave up in seeing me. I can not say enough about John’s beautiful playing and character. He is one of those rare gems in our profession and I miss him.

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