PONDERING PEDAGOGY by Diane Barger, Pedagogy Chair Dr. Wesley Ferreira, clarinet professor at Colorado State University, has developed a wonderful training program called the Air Revelation. For students and professionals alike, this program is a four-week training plan that offers specific exercises to help musicians develop a keen awareness of the breathing mechanism and learn the proper techniques of breath support, breath control, and optimum breathing. Students use this tool independently to enhance that which they are learning in their private lessons; teachers gain an additional way to explain proper use of air, which in turn helps their students to achieve optimal tone production and control.Read More →

PONDERING PEDAGOGY by Diane Barger, ICA Pedagogy Chair I’m sharing a post from our International Clarinet Association Facebook group page for my first entry on our new “Pondering Pedagogy” link. As many of us are about to embark on a new school year, I’d like to start a discussion from one of our ICA members, Liz Aleksander, who recently responded to my inquiry about topics to explore on this new section of the ICA website. Liz wrote: Having started at a school where I was lucky to have mostly young students, I’d welcome discussion on how to get students to “buy in” to high standards –Read More →