07/27/2017 ClarinetFest® 2017, Day 2: Panel Discussion “Collaborative Teaching and Learning: Moving Beyond the Traditional Studio Model” A panel discussion was held regarding several pedagogical alternatives to the traditional one-on-one lesson at 1:00 pm on Thursday, July 27, 2017. Moderated by Diane Barger, the panel consisted of Christy Banks, Denise Gainey, Howard Klug and Jesse Krebs. Klug discussed the format that he uses to teach group lessons at the university level, addressing problems with the traditional private lesson that are avoided in a group setting, describing the structure of a typical group lesson, and outlining the pros and cons of this strategy. Banks next describedRead More →

I’m a clarinetist! Why do I need aural skills? By: Dr. Jeremy Wohletz Introduction I have a confession to make. Aural skills has always been a bit of a struggle. As an undergrad clarinet performance major, why would I need to be able to sight-sing or dictate chords? First, I don’t sing and second, my instrument only plays one note at a time (Keep in mind that I was a naïve freshman that had no idea what all the clarinet was capable of doing!) Upon entering both my masters and doctoral programs, I learned that I was not alone in this struggle, as many ofRead More →

I Get by with a LOT of Help from My Friends: Steps Towards Effective Clarinet Pedagogy Andrew J. Allen, DMA This author’s path towards teaching clarinet at the university level was an odd and winding one. From the age of ten, I was trained as a saxophonist, and all of my academic degrees support that. The clarinet was an instrument that I loved, but one that usually came out of the case for doubling in the big band and musical orchestra pit. All of that changed, however, when I received my first job: Teaching all woodwinds at a small college in North Dakota. Suddenly, thisRead More →

This Pondering Pedagogy post accompanies my first article as Pedagogy Chair in the December 2016 issue of “The Clarinet” entitled “Collaborative Teaching and Learning in the Studio.” Here you will find the grading rubric I designed for my clarinet studio at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for the Facebook video comments. Please feel free to use them or adapt them to fit your program. If you have any questions about my article or this grading rubric, please feel free to contact me at dbarger1@unl.edu.Read More →