Report by Melissa Morales The final event for ClarinetFest® 2016 took place on Sunday, August 7 at 3 p.m. in the Crafton-Preyer Theatre. The Festival Clarinet Choir was comprised of 35 members and was led by conductor Raphael Sanders. The choir opened with Claribel (2000) by Roland Cardon. They played with a full, lush sound and brought the melodies to life, accentuating the fun and comical character. Following the Cardon was a quartet feature piece Concertante for 4 clarinets and Orchestra (1833) by L.A.B. Schindelmeisser. The choir was accompanied by four esteemed clarinetists: Julianne Kirk Doyle (Suny Potsdam), Blake Arrington (United States Air Force), MUCM James LoganRead More →

Report by Melissa Morales The final evening concert for ClarinetFest® 2016 took place Saturday night at 8:15 p.m. in the Kansas Lied Center Auditorium. The concert was hosted by Buffet Crampon, one of the festival’s platinum sponsors. Before the performances began, President and CEO Francois Kloc gave an encouraging talk about the power of music and the community we all belong to. His address was kind, inspiring, and laced with humor, warming the audience for the thrilling performances to come. The evening featured several Buffet artists during the evening and all gave rousing performances as the conference began to draw to a close. The firstRead More →

Report by Melissa Morales and Rachel Yoder At 7:30 p.m. on August 6, the ICA Awards Ceremony was held at the Lied Center of Kansas. President Caroline Hartig began by thanking ClarinetFest® Artistic Directors Bob Walzel and Stephanie Zelnick for their work in organizing the festival. A moment of silence was held for clarinetists that had passed on in the past year. Next, Hartig announced that the ICA had voted to award three clarinetists with Honorary Memberships, who will be recognized at the 2017 ClarinetFest® in Orlando, Florida: Eddie Daniels Luis Rossi Richard Stoltzman Hartig thanked John Cipolla for completing six years of service as president-elect,Read More →

Report by Lisa Kachouee Sponsored by Truman State University, the Truman Clarinet Choir presented a recital at 12:00 p.m. in Crafton-Preyer Theatre, Sunday, August 7. Directed by Truman State’s Associate Professor of Clarinet, Jesse Krebs, the ensemble set the tone for their thoughtful, sensitive performance by completing their tuning sequence with a Bach chorale (performed without conductor). The opening selection was an arrangement of the polka from The Golden Age, Op. 22, by Dimitri Shostakovich. Arranged by Lyle Merriman, this demented yet charming polka highlighted the ensemble’s attention to detail in articulation and style. Arranged by the ensemble’s contrabass clarinet player Kyle Rieger, Hymn of AcxiomRead More →

Report by Lisa Kachouee The ClariZona Clarinet Choir, under the direction of Arizona State University faculty Robert Spring and Joshua Gardner, presented a recital at 11:30 a.m. in Crafton-Peyer Theatre, Sunday, August 7. Signifying a devotion to the proliferation of clarinet choir repertoire, ClariZona’s recital included two world premieres. The opening work of the program was written by ASU alumnus Grant Jahn in 2014. Pulse for Clarinet Choir ignited the ensemble’s performance with rhythmic energy and frequently changing meters. Guest conductor Mark Alpizar expertly led the ensemble through the fiery opener before rejoining the ensemble as a performer for the remainder of the program. Soloist Shengwen Wu wasRead More →