by Eric Salazar, Kristy Nichols and Spencer Prewitt When you are in music school, you have a very full schedule between classes, studying, and (most importantly) practicing. Many music students live their lives on a limited budget. To make money, other musicians tell us “play more gigs!” and non-musician friends and family members say “get a day job!” While we would all love to play more gigs (and we all should), the reality might be that someone else is already getting those gigs or we may even not be ready yet for the gigging lifestyle. A day job is a great way to earn cash,Read More →


Kip’s Tips: Ten Tips to Teach Purposeful, Productive Practice Dr. Kip Franklin Assistant Professor of Clarinet University of South Alabama Tip #1-Plan your practice time and stick to a consistent schedule Planning out your practice time is extremely important. Practice sessions cannot be afterthoughts or something that you get to once everything else has been accomplished. Otherwise you’ll never get to it! I tell my students to plan out their practice sessions as if they were classes to be attended daily. Even if you’re pressed for time, several smaller practice sessions will be much more beneficial than one marathon session. Consistent daily practice isRead More →