I’m a clarinetist! Why do I need aural skills? By: Dr. Jeremy Wohletz Introduction I have a confession to make. Aural skills has always been a bit of a struggle. As an undergrad clarinet performance major, why would I need to be able to sight-sing or dictate chords? First, I don’t sing and second, my instrument only plays one note at a time (Keep in mind that I was a naïve freshman that had no idea what all the clarinet was capable of doing!) Upon entering both my masters and doctoral programs, I learned that I was not alone in this struggle, as many ofRead More →

I Get by with a LOT of Help from My Friends: Steps Towards Effective Clarinet Pedagogy Andrew J. Allen, DMA This author’s path towards teaching clarinet at the university level was an odd and winding one. From the age of ten, I was trained as a saxophonist, and all of my academic degrees support that. The clarinet was an instrument that I loved, but one that usually came out of the case for doubling in the big band and musical orchestra pit. All of that changed, however, when I received my first job: Teaching all woodwinds at a small college in North Dakota. Suddenly, thisRead More →